Ildi (vyšniniai, veislė)


Pardavėjo aprašymas:

53 days from setting out transplants. Indeterminate.
The earliest, highest-yielding grape tomato in our trials is also the most attractive and delicious! Delectable new Ildi is a sweet grape with a tart underbite -- really satisfying in salads or straight from the vine! These fruits mature quickly and are borne in huge clusters of up to 75! And as if all this weren't enough, they have great staying power on the vine or after picking, lasting for weeks without losing one bit of freshness!
Ildi is easy to grow, quickly forming a 5- to 6-foot vine 16 to 24 inches wide. The fruit sets very early and ripens quickly into gleaming grape-shaped globes (with the occasional pear-shaped fruit). Ildi is delicious, and that's a good thing, because you will get PLENTY of fruit from this terrific performer! It's one of my favorites, both for flavor and fantastic garden performance! 

Mičiko aprašymas:

Labai aukštas, didelėm, skėtinėm kekėm su šimtais juose žiedų. Sodinant duoti daugiau erdvės. Vaisiai mažučiai, saldūs.
Nuskinti su visa keke gali ištovėti iki kito sezono. 






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